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ALEXANDRE FONSECA LAW office has been operating since 2003 in the areas of Commercial, Corporate, Labor, Civil and Tax Law, prioritizing ethics, secrecy and transparency in the attorney-client relationships. The ALEXANDRE FONSECA LAW office is composed of a specialized team of lawyers that fully corresponds to what is expected from a legal-management consulting company. Working in synergy with the client, loyalty and truth are part of the scope of the legal advice provided by the ALEXANDRE FONSECA LAW office, which continuously seeks updating in the most varied areas of Law.

It is an undisputed fact the need for good legal advice, for any legal act, since the daily routine is full of challenges and uncertainties of such nature.

In situations such as these, it is essential the presence of a good lawyer, capable of overcoming such obstacles, for the benefit to the legal safety of all and every business act and, consequently, aiming at the protection of the name and the asset of both legal entities and natural persons.

With this aim in sight, ALEXANDRE FONSECA LAW office is composed of a team of experts in Commercial Law, whose experience and efficiency widely match the expected performance of a team of lawyers specialized in legal and administrative counselling.

May we add that ALEXANDRE FONSECA LAW office guarantees the rendering of quality legal counseling in perfect harmony with the needs of your company within the scope of all segments of the law, as per a more detailed explanation which we reserve to the next paragraphs.

Within the scope of the Commercial and Corporate Laws, we offer to our clients the widest and unrestricted legal counseling, in order to prevent mistakes or imperfections which might be embedded in the ordinary daily business routines.

ALEXANDRE FONSECA LAW office has furthermore a team of lawyers specialized in Labor Law, what generates the guarantee of legal safety within the scope of the labor relationship of your company.

Issues of Civil and Tax law compose the daily routine of ALEXANDRE FONSECA LAW office which also offers counselling on these segments, through a wide scope of legal guidance and procedural representation for cases which require it.

Promoting the uninterrupted progress of its performance, ALEXANDRE FONSECA LAW office has as its aim the creation of legal solutions which are always absolutely lawful in order to protect your assets.

We seek to explore the alternative of the daily business routine, applying the legal dispositions, assimilating and acknowledging the peculiarities of the current legislation, which compose a complex system, which, sometimes, may be unfair; this is the first step to plan solutions, coordinate obligations and rights, so as to save money before the growing market complexity and competition, albeit always with absolute legality and earnestness.


• VISION - We believe in the betterment of the society through the Law and by the practice of Justice. We also defend the advocacy committed with the ethical values, responsibility, excellence of the legal solutions, happiness of our clients and personal fulfillment of our office´s staff.

• TASK - To serve very well the client in all areas of the Law so that he may reach his objectives with creativity, safety and efficiency. To attract and improve the best talents, making teams capable of offering quality services. To improve and share constantly the knowledge. To practice and teach ethical values.

• VALUES - Ethics above anything else To work in an ethical stance is to be correct, clear and responsible in the relationship with the truth, with the client and with the lawyer who is defending the interests of the opposite party.

Quality means making the tasks always well

Our standard is to render an incomparable service, being clear, objective and fast, as this is what the client expects and deserves: excellence in our service.

Total commitment to our mission

We are fully dedicated to the exercise of the Law to the benefit of our clients.

Team spirit Together, each one of us is worth much more.


We have the vocation for the practice of Advocacy and Law, this is why we work with dedication, pleasure and happiness, with excellence in the results obtained.


Loyalty with the working partners, clients or the opposite party.


Always work on a preventive manner to avoid law suits which invariably waste time and money of our clients.